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Jul 14, 2015

Let’s meet with substantial features of Poco Mail

PocoMail Brief Introduction
To communicate with client, there is always a need of fast channel for communication and if I talk about organizations, there is always need of a safe and secure mode of communication. As we all know most common email applications present in the market are Windows Live Mail, MS-Outlook, and Outlook Express developed by Microsoft. But one more email applications presents in market which is also make your communication speedy and protected named as PocoMail. 

Mar 28, 2014

What to choose Entourage or Outlook?

In the world of email technology, there is variety of email applications. Sometime it’s tough for user to decide whether which type of email application suits best. In my post, I tried to cover all about most famous email applications used worldwide.

We all are aware of working structure of mail application. I think there is no need to explain email structure. Array of email applications are so large and vast.  Let’s proceed to email application category. These email application are categorized as:

Webmail Application:  Email application like Gmail, Outlook, AOL, Yahoo are best example of web based mail application. These email application available to user at no cost. To run web based application availability of internet is must.

Desktop Application: These type of email application bundled with operation systems. If user is using MAC operating system then email application client is Apple Mail, Entourage, and Mac Outlook. In case of Windows operating system mail clients are Outlook, Windows Live Mail, and Outlook Express. These applications are also available for users at no cost.

Both email application have own importance. Most of us get confuse while choosing email application. Need not to confuse it’s a very simple task. Let me share some points that help user in choosing email application for their use. Both email applications are quite famous and have their own pros and cons. Let’s have a discussion on both Windows and MAC email application.

Entourage File Structure:  Entourage is bundled with MAC operating system. Store house of Entourage email application is MBOX file. MBOX file stores all data in a plain text format. One additional benefit of using MBOX file is user can easily drag and drop their mailbox folder to any desired location.