Jul 14, 2015

Let’s meet with substantial features of Poco Mail

PocoMail Brief Introduction
To communicate with client, there is always a need of fast channel for communication and if I talk about organizations, there is always need of a safe and secure mode of communication. As we all know most common email applications present in the market are Windows Live Mail, MS-Outlook, and Outlook Express developed by Microsoft. But one more email applications presents in market which is also make your communication speedy and protected named as PocoMail. 

 Basics of PocoMail 

PocoMail is an email application developed by Poco system to work on Windows systems. As we all know email applications (Windows Live Mail, MS-Outlook) depend upon other scripting method. In the same way PocoMail has its script named as PocoScript that allows it to run smoothly even on Windows machine. Every email applications have their own Pros and Cons. Here is the list of key benefits of Pocomail i.e.
Remarkable features of PocoMail Email Application: 
• Support Bayesian Filter
• Support option for POP3 and IMAP protocol
• Option to handle multiple email accounts
•  Let user apply Password to mailboxes
•  Allow user to import and Export mailboxes from other email application
•  Easy customization of the mail appearance by using Pane Layout
•  Easy reading of emails from RSS feed by using email
•  Mailboxes will remain error free
•  Accessibility of automatic mail check option.
•  Let user check mail automatically by selecting option ”check for mail automatically”
•  Options to view mails on POP server by selecting ”View mail on server”
PocoMail File Structures: Pocomail has two types of file to store user mailbox information i.e. .MBX and .IDX. 

MBOX file stores user mail information while .IDX file works as an INDEX file to store information for particular mailbox. Main function of Index file is to speed up the searches generated by user. 
Storage Location of PocoMail file is: C:\Programe Files\PocoMail\Mail

Points to Remember: When user receives any email from the sender email, it gets save on their hard disk in plain file format. For user convenience it is good but harmful too as there are more chances for leakage of information. 

The information stored in plain text can be open anywhere by using NOTEPAD, text editor etc. To maintain the privacy of user mail, user can use “Encrypt incoming and outgoing message” option provided by PocoMail. This option works great as PocoMail deciphers the message when user opens the email. By doing so if anyone else except user will open the message then it will open in encrypted form.
How to decipher the message:
• Point to menu move to Select Tools.
• Choose option Account Setup and Select the account that user wants to encrypt
• After performing above steps user will see “Edit” button
• Now Move to Tab named as “Privacy tab”
• Choose both options entitle as:   
     1) Encrypt incoming messages
     2) Encrypt outgoing messages after they are sent
•    Now , Enter the password and do confirmation
•    Click “OK” to complete the process
These are the few remarkable features of PocoMail that let user to use PocoMail. Like features PocoMail has some limitations it is convoluted to use as compare to Outlook email application. To migrate from PocoMail to Outlook it would be better to opt for professional MBOX to PST converter tool. There are several MBOX converter tool available but I would recommend Stellar MBOX to PST converter tool for risk free migration.
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