Mar 28, 2014

What to choose Entourage or Outlook?

In the world of email technology, there is variety of email applications. Sometime it’s tough for user to decide whether which type of email application suits best. In my post, I tried to cover all about most famous email applications used worldwide.

We all are aware of working structure of mail application. I think there is no need to explain email structure. Array of email applications are so large and vast.  Let’s proceed to email application category. These email application are categorized as:

Webmail Application:  Email application like Gmail, Outlook, AOL, Yahoo are best example of web based mail application. These email application available to user at no cost. To run web based application availability of internet is must.

Desktop Application: These type of email application bundled with operation systems. If user is using MAC operating system then email application client is Apple Mail, Entourage, and Mac Outlook. In case of Windows operating system mail clients are Outlook, Windows Live Mail, and Outlook Express. These applications are also available for users at no cost.

Both email application have own importance. Most of us get confuse while choosing email application. Need not to confuse it’s a very simple task. Let me share some points that help user in choosing email application for their use. Both email applications are quite famous and have their own pros and cons. Let’s have a discussion on both Windows and MAC email application.

Entourage File Structure:  Entourage is bundled with MAC operating system. Store house of Entourage email application is MBOX file. MBOX file stores all data in a plain text format. One additional benefit of using MBOX file is user can easily drag and drop their mailbox folder to any desired location.

How to Import data in Entourage?
There are two options to import data top Entourage i.e.
  •  Entourage Setup wizard
  • Manual Method
Here, I am sharing steps for both options to import data

Manual Method to Import Data

1.    Click on Import function categorized under File Menu
2.    User will see a dialog box  named as ‘Import Dialog Box’
3.    Now , choose file from the list menu and proceed
4.    Now open Ready to Import dialog box
5.    Pick up selected item that need to be import
6.    Finish the Import process

Entourage Set up Wizard

•    Install Entourage Setup wizard
      NOTE: Wizard will ask user to import data at same time or later

•    Click on Import data at same time
•    Now, select option ‘import data from another program or file’
•    Enter desired information in Entourage Setup Wizard
•    Enable check box from one of import options i.e.
•    Enter required credentials like
•    E-mail program and Personal Information Manager like contacts, calendar, notes etc.
•    Now select import option and click on Next button to proceed
•    You can also perform some manual steps to Import Data into Entourage.

By using above options user can import data and can use. But before proceeding to Entourage application let me discuss few points that are hidden from Entourage users.

Drawback of Entourage Mail Application
No doubt technology is getting advance like a speed of rocket. With this skyrocketing speed user must get confuse whether to choose which type of email application? Every application has both type of features in which few are good and few are bad. Same is true for Entourage mail application. We can’t ignore few facts of entourage mail application that make user think whether what to choose Entourage or other email application? I am mentioning few facts:

Problem with spaces
Entourage has limited storage capacity. Entourage can store 2million objects only. It is very obvious email application owners objects like email messages, notes, calendars, contacts etc. Problem start persisting when database size reaches to 1.9 million objects. Then Entourage throws a warning message to user screen i.e. “Entourage is almost out of space”. Also there chances of corruption of MBOX file if user file size get exceed.

Synchronizing Issue
Entourage provides its users facility of synchronizing mail at various platforms. Problem arises when user tries to handle multiple email account with single account. Every time user required to hide and unhide the screen of mail application at regular interval. I know user is thinking what is need of this activity? By doing this activity user will able to see screen normally. Main reason behind this issue is synchronizing of multiple mailboxes with their servers.

Issues with protocol
Protocols are basics need to run email application. Although Entourage runs safely with variety of protocols but main issue occurs when Entourage fails to run with OBD protocol. Because of this protocol user fails to perform all editing operations with text editors (external text editor’s applications).
Features Enhancement
Plug-Ins plays a very good role and saves our time. Like a coin has two phases in the same way Plug-Ins also plays same. No doubt, plug-in save our time but what if Entourage application denies adding plug –INS which user needs on daily basis. Plug-Ins like ‘OnMyCommand’ are restricted to install this clearly indicates that user don’t have power to enhance features by their own.
After reading above drawbacks of Entourage mail application, I am sure most of Entourage users make up their mind to switch from this application. Don’t worry there are several other options available in world of email technology. User can opt for windows platform bundled with Outlook email application. I had already discussed about Outlook advanced and robust features in my previous post. However there are other reasons also that forces user to change their email application client.
Other Circumstances that forces user to switch email application:
Common Scenarios
  • Change in Work Environment
  • Complex File Structure of MBOX file
  • Ease of adaptability with MS-Outlook
  • MBOX files are not as secure as they store all data in plain text format
  • MBOX files store all message in a concatenated manner
  • PST file is easily portable as compare to MBOX file
We clearly understand that Outlook does not support for MBOX file format. To access all MBOX file on Outlook platform user need to convert MBOX to PST file format. I hope information provided above proves to be useful for user.

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