Mar 23, 2017

How can you recover deleted emails for Outlook

One quick click on the button can lead to disappointment when you realize that you have deleted an email that was vital and still needed to you. Although, It happens with most of the email users, That they coincidentally deletes email that was crucial for them. Generally, when you delete any item from your Outlook it goes to Deleted items folder, and this process is called soft deletion. If any item is soft deleted, then it can be recovered from the deleted items folder.
However, when you Shift+Delete the item then it permanently gone from your Outlook. , as it does not go to Deleted Items Folder and that is known as Hard Deletion.

Recover Recently Deleted emails in Outlook

When you delete any email from your Outlook account it first goes to the “Deleted Items” folder. So it will be easy for you to recover your lost emails. To do so, follow the below steps:

·         Open Outlook on your system

·         Click on the Deleted items folder and then Right click on the email which you want to recover, Click on Move>>Other folder. For detail see the image:

Once you completes the process verify that selected emails are moved or not.

Recover Permanently Deleted Emails

It will be the worst scenario when you notice that you have permanently lost your email. There are some cases when this scenario arrives:

1.    When you have deleted email also cleared the deleted items folder.

2.    When you deletes any email and you come back after a long time to look into the Deleted items folder, In such cases deleted items won’t find that item in Deleted Items folders.

3.    If ever you have done “SHIFT+ DELETE” then the email will be permanently gone.

But don’t panic there is a manual way by you can recover your permanently deleted emails. Follow the below steps:

1.    Open your Outlook Account, click on the Deleted Items Folder, You will see that there is no email in that folder. This means that the items are permanently deleted.

2.    Click on the Folder Tab from the menu of Outlook, then click on the Recover Deleted Items option 

3.    Now Outlook will retrieve the deleted items from the Exchange server and list all by date.

4.    Next, select the deleted emails that you want to restore and click on the Recover button (Folder shaped) that locate at the top left corner on your screen.

Now Outlook will start the recovering process.

Outlook restores all the recovered deleted emails in the Deleted Items folder so you can move it to Inbox or any other folder where you want.

Set Outlook to save the deleted items

By Default Outlook is set to empty when exiting. If you want to retain the items in Outlook for a long period of time, then you can make some changes in Outlook. Below are the directions to prevent Outlook from emptying the folder when exiting.

1.    Open Outlook, click on the File then click on the Options.

2.    Next, click on the Advanced option, and under ‘Outlook start and exit’ uncheck the option “Empty Deleted items folder when Exiting Outlook”.

See below image:

Alternate Solution:

The above discussed manual method sometimes fails to retrieve deleted mailbox data. In case you PST was corrupt, you will find some data are missing. So to avoid the risk of data loss you can use third party Software. As there are software available in the market that can restore the data. Here I would like to recommend Stellar Phoenix Outlook PST Repair that can recover the deleted emails or other mailbox data. The best feature is it provides the demo version by which user can examine the software.


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