Aug 3, 2017

Easy Way to Fix Microsoft Outlook 0x800cc92 Error

Outlook errors can be difficult to resolve especially if the users facing them aren’t technically experienced. User-friendly utilities like Stellar Phoenix Outlook PST Repair can help such users get over nasty errors quickly and easily.

Microsoft Outlook can get obnoxious if troubled by recurring errors. Getting to the root of them is the only way to get rid of them for good. Take the case of Outlook 0x800cc92 Error for example. The following error while running the Microsoft Outlook application is more frequent than it should be allowed:

Receiving reported error (0x800ccc92): Your email server rejected your login

Let us find out all there is to know about this error means and how you can fix it.

Reasons triggering Outlook 0x800cc92 Error

While sending and receiving emails if your Outlook application encounters problems like a power failure, a hard disk crash, or even incorrect user credentials the result is often annoying. Other than obviously not being able to do what you were doing, the Outlook application might potentially crash rendering your system unable to send and receive email messages. Why does this happen?

The most common reasons for this error include:
  1. You have been using the incorrect log-in credentials.
  2.   Your system is no longer connected to the internet.
  3.  A power failure might have occurred while you were using the Outlook application to send or receive emails.
  4.   Your Outlook PST file is corrupt.
  5.   The PST file has exceeded its capacity.
  6.  The configuration settings of your Outlook application have been modified.
  7.  The POP3 and the STMP protocols in your database connection have failed.
  8.  Your Outlook application and the server are no longer synchronized.
  9.  A virus has invaded your system.
  10.  The location of the temp files has been infected with an active malware.
  11.   Your hard disk has been damaged.

Symptoms of this error
If this error arises, you might face the following issues till you fix it:

·         Your machine will become annoyingly slow and unresponsive.
·         You will be unable to install or uninstall applications.
·         The hard disk might crash.
·         The machine will have problems during starting up and shutting down.
·         In the worst case scenario, your entire machine might crash.

How to fix Outlook 0x800cc92 Error
If you face this error, here are a few simple procedures that you can perform to fix it:

1.    Fix the POP3 problem
Perform this procedure if the system displays the following error message:
                           POP3: Invalid Password
a.    Exit the Outlook application.
b.    Re-launch it and go to the log-in window.
c.    Type the correct username and password credentials and attempt to sign in to the application.
If you had indeed typed incorrect credentials in the earlier log-in session, chances are that this method will most definitely solve Outlook 0x800cc92 error.

2.    Download the latest patch
Often, this error is displayed when your application is not in sync with the latest updates. Your best bet is to stay up-to-date by performing the following procedure:
a.    Go to the Microsoft support website.
b.    Look for your Outlook application version and the latest service pack.
c.    Download the service pack and install it on your machine.
Keeping your application updated with the latest patches solves more problems than you could ever imagine. It is, therefore, highly recommended to keep your machine, and all its applications, updated and synchronized.    

3.    Follow these steps to solve Outlook 0x800cc92 error
Note: Before you begin with this, ensure that you take a full backup of all your email and calendar items. Because this procedure is going to fix your Outlook application, there is no guarantee that your emails, attachments, calendar events, and other important data might remain untouched.
Also note that the following procedure is applicable on Outlook 365, Outlook 2007, 2010, 2013, and 2016.
a.    Launch Control Panel and select “Network and Internet” option.
b.    Click Internet options.
c.    On the Internet Properties window, click the Connections tab.
d.    Click LAN Settings.
e.    On the Local Area Network (LAN) Settings window, select “Automatically detect settings” checkbox and then click OK.
f.     On the Internet Properties window, click OK and exit.
g.    Open the Command Prompt window on your machine and type sfc/scannow. This causes the system to scan all protected system files and replace corrupted files with a cached copy that is located in the dllcache folder.
h.    Exit Command Prompt.
i.      Open File Explorer Options, and click the View tab. 
j.     Under Advanced Settings, select the Show hidden files, folders, and drives option.
k.    Click OK and exit.
l.      If your Outlook application is open, close it and locate the scanpst.exe file in your machine.
m.  Open the file and browse to the location of your Outlook PST file. Click Start.
n.    The system starts scanning your PST file. If the system prompts, click Repair.
o.    After the system finishes repairing your PST file, launch your Outlook application and try sending and receiving emails.
Those steps should positively fix Outlook 0x800cc92 error.

What to do if everything else fails?
Though it is unlikely, if the above fixes fail to achieve the desired results, don't lose hope! Download and install Stellar Phoenix Outlook PST Repair. The software enables you to scan corrupt PST files and repair them to recover all contents such as e-mails, attachments, contacts, calendars, tasks, notes and journals. The repaired email items are saved as a new usable PST which can be directly imported into MS Outlook.

To sum it up

Outlook troubles are almost always repairable through a few easy fixes. And the ones that can’t be shooed away through manual methods, there are reliable software like Stellar Phoenix Outlook PST Repair.
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