Apr 27, 2016

Process to Fix Annoying Errors of Microsoft Outlook

To deal with their everyday work schedule all of us need a reliable solution to finish our work. In such situations Outlook proves to be best solution for user. MS Outlook is a reliable basic source opted by all organization as well as by home users and business associations too. So frequently MS Outlook appearances turn out to be exceptionally irritating and carry on so anomalous. It acts like Outlook stops, hangs; stops react to client question and so on. Every single depicted blunder are going on because of congested size of Outlook information document i.e. PST.
MS Outlook is a trustworthy common source used by all associations as well as by business organizations to manage their daily work routine. So often MS Outlook appearances become very annoying and behave so abnormal. It behaves like Outlook freezes, hangs, stops respond to user query etc. All described errors are happening due to overgrown size of Outlook data file i.e. PST.

Before proceeding to solution of such problems, here are few words to describe PST file. MS Outlook stores user information in an Outlook data file known as PST file. PST file is stored in user’s hard disk and can save up to 50 GB data easily. File size of PST file depends upon Outlook version we used. Version prior to Outlook 2010 PST file size limit is 20GB only. Storage location of PST file:

In MS Outlook 2016: C:\Program Files\Microsoft Office\Office15
In MS Outlook 2013: C:\Program Files\Microsoft Office\Office15
In MS Outlook 2010: C:\Program Files\Microsoft Office\Office14

As I told above PST file is outlook most common file and a little carelessness with PST file will lead you to data loss. In my post I am describing all problems that outlook users can face if they ignore growing PST file size.

Common Problems with PST File in MS Outlook:

  • No Backup of PST over Network
As we all know, location of PST file is user’s hard disk. It’s too tranquil to take back up of PST file on hard disk. Problem appears when Outlook users starts to uses PST file on a network (LAN/WAN). It would be problematic for users who are not techno friendly. If Outlook users are not technical guy then it became too problematic to take backup of PST file on network. This could also increase the chance of PST corruption.
  • Remarkable point for Outlook users:
Outlook user cannot run backup of PST file if Outlook is in running mode. According to properties of PST file user cannot run PST file on a network. To perform such operation user must configure their backups of every machine exclusively. I am sure it would be a tough task for every user.
  • Apposite Solution: 
To answer this problem outlook user has to change their storage location of PST file. They can change it from user hard disk to server. To perform these operations successfully use Cached Exchange Mode. By doing do when user connect to a network then automatically mails present on server are synchronized with user account.

NOTE: Be careful while performing operation with server as a minute fault in execution of steps would outcome in irrecoverable data loss.
  • Issue faced during Accessing PST file on a Network:
When user access PST file on the server then it typically happened user machine behave abnormally (hangs, slow response to Query, auto restart) and many more. A mutual intention behind this difficulty is unconfirmed configuration of PST file on LAN/WAN networks. This happens because WAN and LAN links supports changed technique for message store i.e. network-access-driven methods while PST file while uses access-driven technique. 
  • Penetrating Nature of PST Files
In our busy routine we usually forgot to preserve our outlook mailbox. As day passes our mailbox starts growing and same is true for PST file. Problem originates when PST file size exceeds to defined limit. Overgrown PST’s are immense cause for data corruption. Although it’s also thinkable there are other explanations also that let your PST corrupt. Reasons like:
  • Virus Infection
  • Hardware In Compatibility
  • Software In Compatibility

Outlook PST files that are saved on user hard disk can easily get corrupt and results in irrecoverable data loss.

Recommended Solution:

Microsoft provides user a free inbuilt utility (Scanpst.exe) to repair corrupt PST file. The free utility recommended by Microsoft Outlook has some limitation too. 
  • Fails to repair severely damaged PST file
  • Fails to resolve 2GB file issue
  • Fails to resolve PST file header issue
  • Risk of data loss
To astounded corrupt Outlook PST file issue opts for optimal solution Stellar Phoenix Outlook PST Repair software that assuredly repairs extremely corrupt PST file. Additionally software let you save repaired PST file with smart file saving options.