Feb 20, 2015

Why MS-Outlook is better as compare to Thunderbird Application

Compare Outlook & Thunderbird
Outlook and Thunderbird email applications works as a bridge between client and service provider. We all are familiar with email applications available to us (MS-Outlook, Thunderbird, Eudora, Windows Live Mail and many more). Our Main concern is about which application we choose from array of application service providers. No doubt, every email applications have their own pros and cons that confuses us. Need not to be confused here. Let me figure out some common differences that help you in choosing best email application by your own. In my post, I am comparing open source and closed source application i.e. MS-Outlook and Thunderbird. Let’s have a look on features of both.

Comparative features of Outlook & Thunderbird Application

Backup Feature of Outlook & Thunderbird: Backup is always main concerns before choosing services of email client. IT’s a well-known fact that every application is not perfect. Also we are not sure about natural disaster that ruined our data. Natural disasters in term of technology is

•    Accidental Mail deletion
•    Hardware Corruption
•    Internet Problem
•    Software compatibility issues
•    Files got corrupt and many more
These type of common situation put user in trouble if they don’t have any backup plan. In this situation email backup works as a stress reliever. If I compare both applications then again Outlook is winner here.

To create backup in MS-outlook user can use built in feature i.e. Import and Export. By using options Import and Export user easily creates backup while in Thunderbird user has to follow a long and time consuming process. It’s better to use straight forward utility as compare to long and time consuming process.
File structure of Outlook & Thunderbird:  Every email application has its own features and their own way of storing information. MS-Outlook stores information in PST format while Thunderbird does same in MBOX format. Surely we will choose application that let us find information in few minutes. PST files are easier to handle as compare to Thunderbird file application.

Moreover MBOX file have a complex file structure as compared to Outlook file format.

Calendar Features of Outlook: In fast moving world it’s too tough to memorize all work on daily basis. Calendars features in email application make user work easier. If I compare calendars features of both applications then I found MS-Outlook calendars are more flexible as compared to Thunderbird calendars. Invention of calendar somehow simplify user work by providing features like

• Meeting organization
• Appointment creation
• Calendar sharing via email
• Another user calendar management 

Above mentioned features are self-explanatory why MS-Outlook calendar are different from other applications? Furthermore there is no need to put extra efforts for installation of calendars in outlook. If, I talk about Thunderbird application whole scenario is different.

Thunderbird users are in need to install calendar additionally they also need an expert to handle their calendar.
Thunderbird & Outlook Signature: Signature works as stamp assurance for both sender and receiver it’s an important part of security. Although MS-Outlook & Thunderbird both applications has inbuilt features. What makes this feature different from each other is their procedure of installing. It is quite different because it’s too tough to create signature in Thunderbird email application. To create signature in Thunderbird application user must have little knowledge of HTML.

If I talk about MS- Outlook application it’s like a child play. To create signature in MS-Outlook user type text and then click on done button then signatures are created. It’s just like typing in MS-Word.

After reading above mentioned points now it’s not tough for user to choose between Outlook and Thunderbird email application. Choose best application according to your need and continue your work.  In case after reading above points if user is thinking to migrate from Thunderbird to Outlook application and in search of solution then opt for a professional MBOX to PST file converter software.