Apr 5, 2012

How to Solve Exchange 2007 Outlook error 0x8004011D‎

We are continuously expanding our business through latest technology to fulfill our various business aspects through written communication. Maximum organization has MS Outlook installed as email client to communicate internally and externally.

It happens very often that we face problems with email systems and search for the perfect solution to overcome.  We search for the exact method or tool to recover the errors in MS outlook file. Sometime we have to tolerate with this pain of data loss when we are unable to find perfect solution.
Today I would like to share on error 0x8004011D in MS Exchange EDB file.Due to N number of cause there are high possibilities of logical corruption and physical corruption in Exchange database file. Sometimes, due to such damaging causes, EDB file might even corrupt.  And you face an error message i.e. “Error 0X8004011D the Server is not available”, and you find yourself helpless and unable to access EDB file database contents.

I request you not to worry. If you just follow these simple steps you can overcome from this error message very easily even though you don’t have good technical knowledge of this error. 

Simple Steps to resolve this error 0X8004011D:

1.     Make sure these MS Exchange Services (MSExchangeES, MSExchangeMTA, MSExchangeIS, and  MSExchangeSA) are in start mode.

2.     Next task to check, whether the information stores are all mounted or not. If any of these is dismounted then go to:  Exchange Manager >> Servers >> Server Name >> First Storage Group >> Right-click on Mailbox Store to select Mount Store
In Case still you are unable to solve this problem it means database got damaged. You can try Eseutil /p command to repair database. Before running this command, kindly make sure that you have taken backup of updated data and stored the original copy at safe location. So even if you lose entire data after running that command you will be comfortable because you have the backup of original data. After running Eseutil /p command, run Eseutil /d for defragging the EDB database. 

Through these commands you can access your database contents easily. In case this command also not fruitful to you then chances to recover the data get very less. Hmm….But wait…As I have shared that there is always a solution to every problem and we can overcome. Now you need to try for third party software i.e. Exchange Server Recovery to Fix Error 0X8004011D. The software will repair the EDB file without fail. This EDB Recovery software is also available with demo version and you can try to download the demo first.
Once your EDB file get repair through Mailbox Exchange Recovery software then it will automatically import in PST file format to your MS Outlook and you can access all the information in MS outlook as earlier.